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Foto: Magdalena Kauz; Cafe St. Marks, NYC at the corner of 2nd AV and 8th
Foto: Magdalena Kauz; Cafe St. Marks, NYC at the corner of 2nd AV and 8th






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Karl. Ein Auszug aus Österreich.Karl

wurde auf amerikanisch in der Septemberausgabe

von brooklyn rail publiziert.





I just read 'Karl'. What a great poem! The voice of the poem is one I could have followed along with for an entire book.
It reminded me a little of the narrator in Saul Bellow's novel 'Henderson The Rain King" but humbler, more grounded in reality and with touches of Samuel Beckett.  The part about the armless beggar boy snatching the twenty euros with his mouth...and then again: amazing. Also, about the wife's aunt--absolutely hilarious!  Reading the poem was like watching a movie. Sharp clear visuals. Concise characterizations. Really, terrific! I like it better then the work of any contemporary American poet I've read. They're all so BORING! 
Thank you and many congratulations. The translation is excellent and I wonder if there's more of your work in this vein, translted and available? It ought to be in an English-language book. By the way, Brooklyn Rail is a very importantavant garde publication.
alan kaufman

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